Important Announcement:

The TEA Room is now YEAH - Young Epilepsy Advocates Hub!

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the TEA Room forum, since it was originally developed a decade ago.

Advancing technologies and the growth of social media mean that traditional forums are no longer the ideal platform for community-based discussions. For this reason, the TEA Room website/forum will close in March 2020.

But don’t fear! We have created a new Facebook Group where your conversations can continue and news friends can be made. This is a private group, meaning conversations are visible only to the group’s members.

While making this change, it was decided to rename the project (too many people thought it was something to do with hot drinks and china cups!). We are happy to introduce you to our new name- YEAH (Young Epilepsy Advocates Hub).

We have updated the TEA Room’s Facebook page so it is now available at

From here you’ll find a link to join the YEAH Community (Facebook Group), or join directly here:

We look forward to welcoming you to the new group and to you being part of the next exciting chapter for this project!

So, let’s get the conversation started :)

Exciting Update! the TEA Room will soon be moving to a brand new Facebook page run by IBE,The International Bureau for Epilepsy.  Watch this space for more info...

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