About Us

The TEA Room is a friendly space for young people from the age of 13 to 19 years old who are undergoing diagnosis or living with epilepsy. TEA stands for Teenage Epilepsy Agenda.

Once you have registered you will get instant access to the chat forums and an online community of friends from all over the world who are dealing with some of the issues and challenges that you might be facing.

Although you can share information about epilepsy, the space is there for you to use to talk about anything you want (in moderation!) within a community of people who you don't have to first of all explain yourself or your condition to.



Keep it Friendly

Please report any and all abuse of this website to info@thetea-room.com

For internet safety information please click on our Information for Parents link above.

Or visit www.thinkuknow.co.uk

How We Started

The TEA Room is managed and moderated by Scottish Epilepsy Initiative, a registered charity based in Glasgow, Scotland.  Scottish Charity Number SC034 354.

The Tea Room was originally developed in 2010 by Scottish Epilepsy Initiative and expanded to Australia in 2012 when SEI joined forces with Epilepsy Queensland.

Now the TEA Room has grown to be a worldwide site available to anyone, anywhere between the ages of 13 and 19.

More information about the founder of the TEA Room Martin Brodie, can be found here

This site is currently in English however if you want to read the site in another language, just click the translate button below!


Tea Room Terms and Conditions of Use