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Welcome to The Tea Room

Welcome to the TEA Room!

It’s easy to use and offers loads of ways to help keep you in touch with other teenagers with epilepsy from all over the world.

The TEA Room is a social network and chat room for young people aged 13-19 who are undergoing diagnosis or have been diagnosed with epilepsy. It's a fantastic space for you to talk about your experiences of living with epilepsy and life in general.

It's completely free to use and it's so easy to get set up.

Its secure! NO ADULTS ALLOWED! The chat is only available to registered and approved users.

The site is also full of safety information and reminders to keep you right when using the discussion forums.

If you have not signed up yet, click here it only takes a minute.

Here's how you sign up to the TEA Room in 5 easy steps.

  1. Have a look at our TEA Room User Guide
  2. Register with an email address and password or you can even log in through Facebook
  3. Create a profile that lets other users find out more about you.
  4. Use the discussion forums to chat with other members about anything you like.
  5. Start a blog and tell people about your day!

Cyber Safety!

Never share your password or contact information with anyone (except parents).

Report people that use inappropriate content, or make inappropriate comments. This user can then be blocked from using the website.

Don't share your contact information and keep your location private.

Never send pictures to strangers. Remember that people aren’t necessarily who they say they are in cyberspace

Be a good digital citizen.  : )  Online cheating is still cheating. And flagging inappropriate content isn’t being a telltale – it’s keeping the web a place where people want to hang out and where they can feel safe.

More on Cyber Safety here.

See the full terms and conditions of the site here

This site is currently in English however if you want to read the site in another language, just click the translate button below!


Tea Room Terms and Conditions of Use