Friendly Community

Here at the TEA room we have a friendly community. We treat other online friends with respect and dignity. We use appropriate language and talk about appropriate things.

Remember this is a worldwide community and we must respect other cultures, beliefs and traditions.

So have fun here and behave well - as we know you can. - KEEP IT FRIENDLY!

Here’s some top tips on how to behave and keep yourself safe online. It’s not just for this site - it's for any site and social network.

1) Don’t give away personal information. Be suspicious if someone asks for personal information or even photos if you don’t know them.

2) Check out their friends list. Be wary if someone has fewer than 100 friends or no photos, and question whether their own picture looks genuine. 

3) Friends and photos seem to check out? Worth checking that their photos have other people in them who are tagged, and that they're tagged in other people's photos. Most genuine profiles are filled with, often embarrassing, photos your friends have tagged you in right?

4) Do they refuse to use a webcam? It could be a sign that they don’t want you to see them as they aren’t really the person they say they are.

5) Google image search. It’s so easy - just drag and drop the photo of the person you're talking to it into the image search box, and it will show everywhere the image has been used. You can also search you own images to make sure they're not being used elsewhere.

6) Meeting up? If you decide to meet up, make sure it’s in a public place and ideally take a friend along with you, just so you can double check that you’re meeting the person you were expecting to meet!

7) Think logically and trust your instincts. Being online isn’t that different to being in your home - remember what you would do in person and act like that online.

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