Information for Parents of Teenagers with Epilepsy

Forum safety information for Parents

The TEA Room is exclusively for the use of young people aged between 13 and 19 years old who are undergoing diagnosis or have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

It provides instant access to an on-line community of friends who face similar challenges living with epilepsy, although discussion is not limited to health issues.

When signing up to The TEA Room each young person is asked their date of birth and will only be granted access to The TEA Room should they fall into the above age bracket.

The Tea Room chat facility is only available to registered members. 

Member-generated content is not prescreened and the chat is not monitored 24/7. Logs of some chat content may be periodically reviewed if problems are reported or seen.

The TEA Room is linked to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre); an internet safety advice and help service. The CEOP link appears on The TEA Room website.

The TEA Room takes the safety of its users very seriously and will make a significant effort to take down any objectionable material that may be posted on the site.

We encourage users to report offensive profiles, messages, groups, notes and photos.

Reported items will be reviewed by the moderators of the site and removed.

All abuse reports on The TEA Room are confidential. Any reported user will not know they have been reported. 

This may result in the person in question being banned from the site.

Golden Rules

  1. The most important Golden Rule  – “If you wouldn’t do it in real life, you shouldn’t do it online”. No humiliating or cruel posts, no hate speech or groups, no compromising pictures they wouldn’t want the world to see. Besides, sites have Terms of Service and these actions are violations that will result in your teen’s account being removed.

  2. Agree on downloads. What apps are okay? Which video sites? What games?

  3. Encourage critical thinking. They should ask "who posted this? and why?" This will help them find trustworthy information, and it will also help avoid online scams that deliver spyware and viruses directly to your home.

  4. Stay in safe neighborhoods. Just as your teens learn not to walk down dark alleys alone at night; they need to know how to avoid negative places online. And if they do venture there, remind teens that unpleasant or suspicious communications should get trashed immediately.

  5. Parents need to view their own habits carefully. You are the ultimate role models.

  6. Keep channels of communication open. Better safe than sorry. Make sure kids are comfortable telling you if anything menacing or cruel happens – no matter what site they were on. 

Useful advice

We advise parents to talk to their children and teach them about Internet safety. You can find advice on internet safety here.

Have an agreement about what it is okay to post. Teen years are full of self-expression and rebellion. Just make sure that your kids know your rules about suggestive material, alcohol, and drug references.

Help your teen be a good digital citizen. Online cheating is still cheating. And flagging inappropriate content isn’t being a telltale – it’s keeping the Web a place where people want to hang out and where they can feel safe.

Useful links

Useful websites

While The TEA Room can address problems and abuses reported to them (click the link in the ‘Being a Member’ section) it is ultimately up to us to protect ourselves in cyberspace and for parents to protect their children.

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